3200 Modular Belt Conveyors

3200 Modular Belt Conveyors

A sleek design, heavy load and high speed capabilities, and the option for up to 4 curves.

Features & Benefits

Flush tail design locates bearing inside frame to fit in tight spaces

All belts fully contained in UHMW guiding for maintenance free tracking

Patented sprocket alignment key for worry free belt maintenance

Dual t-slot or patented Smart Slots® for flexibility and clean sided applications

Inboard type frame connection joint improves strength while keeping t-slots open

Stand mounts lock in into the frame for strength and durability, yet movable anywhere along frame length

Optional integrated power transfers for small part handling

Flexible belt containment system allows for tab or bearing retention method for up to 4 corner modules

Sizes & Measurements

  • 3.75″ – 60″ (widths)
  • 3’ – 99′ (lengths)

Loads & Speeds

  • Up to 1000 lbs
  • Up to 600 fpm

Conveyor Configurations

  • Straight
  • Z-Frame
  • Curve
  • Nose-Over
  • Horizontal to Incline

Belt Types

  • Flat Top
  • Flush Grid
  • Friction Inserts
  • Cleated
  • Roller Top
  • Precision Move Precision Move with Fixtures

Curved Modular Belt Types

  • Basic Single Curve
  • Low Backpressure Roller Top Curve
  • Friction Insert Curve
  • High Strength Tab Curve
  • High Strength Bearing Curve


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