Flexible Fittings

Southwest Equipment Group is your resource for BFM® connectors and BFM® spigots. We partner with Flexible Fittings to provide BFM® fittings a revolutionary, snap-in, flexible connector and spigot system that eliminates the problems associated with traditional hose clamp systems.
The BFM® fitting is a system of specially contoured stainless steel spigots with a snap-in, tool-free connector that can be made in a variety of materials to suit specific applications.

BFM® Fitting’s patented connectors provide superior performance:
-100% sealed, no mess, no leaks
-Seals tighter under pressure
-No product build-up means better hygiene
-No tools required for fitting
-Snap-in design makes installation easy
-Standardized connector sizes mean you need to keep less stock

BFM® connectors are trusted by the world’s largest chemical, food, and pharmaceutical companies to keep their manufacturing facilities dust-free and reduce downtime while improving health and safety.

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Southwest Equipment Group provides quality solutions for projects of all sizes. When you need a reliable, efficient way to move or process product, we can engineer a solution for you.

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