Case Erectors

Case Erectors

Max speed case erector and sealer

Simplicity and reliability are the hallmarks of A-B-C case erectors. With mechanical case drives and heavy tubular steel frames, these workhorse erecting machines ensure low maintenance operation and long machine life. Preferred by packagers for their ability to run less than perfect corrugated, these machines are proven leaders in performance and reliability for your case erecting requirements.


Large capacity, easy load case magazine

Designed for quick changeover

Features to handle poor corrugated and uneven case stacks

Designed for real world production to accommodate off-spec corrugated

Case-squaring sealing ram (adhesive sealing) forms square, well-sealed cases

Easy access tape heads (tape sealing)

Models for speeds from 5 to 50 cases per minute

Seal with tape or adhesive

Models Available:

• 450 – Seal with hot melt to 50 cpm
• 400HS – Seal with hot melt to 40 cpm
• 400 – Seal with hot melt to 30 cpm
• 400T – Seal with tape to 35 cpm
• 300 – Seal with hot melt to 25 cpm
• 300T – Seal with tape to 25 cpm
• 340 – Seal oversized cases/ hot melt and tape models to 30 cpm
• 335 – Seal tablock cases with hot melt to 35 cpm



Case erector with vertical magazine- From A-B-C Packaging Machine

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