Auger Fillers

Auger Fillers

The All-Fill auger filler is the foundation product line in which All-Fill’s fine family of companies was established. Always reliable and built to last, All-Fill’s auger fillers are undoubtedly the pinnacle of the industry. Using a wide variety of standard to custom auger tooling/accessories, All-Fill easily handles all applications. Typical volumetric fill accuracy of +/- 1% is guaranteed regardless of the application. Direct drive methods vary between standard clutch brake and servomotor designs depending on application and request of the customer.

All-Fill’s line of semi-automatic auger fillers is the ultimate in operator convenience. The innovative design and PLC-based controls make each filler an affordable, reliable, auger filler with the same rugged construction and dependable service which All-Fill is renowned for.

Fill-To-Weight auger fillers are used when a specific, verified, weighed quantity of product is to be dispensed. Models include scales and load cell components to determine an accurate weight reading before , during, and after each fill cycle. Accessories, such as bag clamps, roller conveyors, and lifts are implemented according to specific requirements and constraints. Sophisticated feedback/feedforward controls allow for fill volume adjustment, error correction, and accept/reject tolerance control.

Automated Machines
All-Fill’s completely automated filling machines are an economical solution to your filling production line requirements. Consisting of the industry-proven All-Fill filling heads and a conveyor mounted on a sturdy frame, container indexing controls reliably move and position containers for filling. A custom programmable logic controller with touch screen provides precise selection and adjustment of fill amounts and machine functioning, providing easy setup, operation, and monitoring of the filling operation.

Multiple Auger Fillers
All-Fill’s “Multi-Fill” design provide fast, accurate, multi-position dispensing of powders and viscous products. Multi-Fill’s are used when applications call for a precise amount of product to be deposited across a production line. Each system consist of a common fill drive system, individually controlled augers, a product hopper, and a control system to separately control dispensing at each fill position.



Southwest Equipment Group All Fill Auger Fillers

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