SL Family of Banders

SL Family of Banders

The SL family of BellatRx banders are available in several models for neck and full body bands using shrinkable band materials. Offering exceptional value, our banders are easy to set up and use.

Features & Benefits

Programmable and saved for future production runs

Accurate band lengths fed using stepper motors

Easy set-up and fast changeover requiring no tools

Self-centering reel holder is motorized for ease of loading in the correct position

PLC and color touchscreen standard on all models

Efficient shrink tunnels and conveyors with heat-resistant conveyors available

Standard Specifications:

  • Speeds up to 200 cpm
  • Container sizes up to 14”
  • ¼” – 12” band lengths
  • 16” Ø maximum reel size



SL 90 Banding Machine by BellatRx

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