Emplex Bag Sealers

Bag Sealers

Emplex Bag Sealers include models for nearly any application. Emplex systems stand out compared to competitive machines in seal integrity, versatility, safety and performance. The standard PLC controller allows precise tracking and setting of seal pressure, heat, speed, and system performance. Built for simple operation, quick changeovers, and easy maintenance, Emplex systems are suitable for nearly any application.

Models include:

  • Conveyorized
  • Tabletop
  • Heavy-duty/high-speed
  • Validatable
  • Washdown
  • Vacuum/Gas flush capable
  • Semi-automatic

These solutions are plug and play with a wide selection of add-ons to build a solution fit for your application.



Induction Sealers & Cap Sealing Products to help you Achieve a Perfect Seal

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