Weigh Right Automatic Scale Co.

Weigh Right is a recognized leader in linear net weigh scale systems and volumetric filling systems for dry, fresh, frozen and moist solids. Founded in 1933 and has specialized in packaging machinery for the food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, coffee, fresh-cut and hardware industries.

We offer a comprehensive line of scales that complement small or large companies, whether your needs are for semi-automatic or fully automatic systems. Our scales are designed with off-the-shelf components and offer menu driven touch screen controls providing an easy-to-use interface and functions that give you optimum control for your packaging needs.

Net Weigh Filling

The Net Weigh systems use bulk and dribble vibratory trays or belts to move the product feeding 98% of the desired weight quickly into the weigh bucket and the last 2% is fed slowly reaching an accurate weight. These systems can be used in a semi-automatic operation or interfaced and fitted with an automatic bagger, conveyor or poucher. USDA models available.

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