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Case Sealers

High speed adhesive case sealer

In an age when even packaging machines are disposable, A-B-C still builds case sealers that last, crafted from heavy gauge steel with top quality components. Since 1940, quality and performance have made A-B-C case sealers the industry standard, and today we're setting new standards with case sealers for the industry's current and future production requirements.

A-B-C case sealer features:

  • Small footprint for easy installation
  • Heavy steel frame, welded and bolted for strength
  • Solid rack and gear system secures all upper operating mechanisms
  • Proprietary flap folding technology
  • Case-squaring compression (adhesive sealing) forms square, well-sealed cases
  • Easy access tape heads (tape sealing)
  • Models for speeds from 5 to 75 cases per minute
  • Seal with tape or adhesive

Models available:

  • 436 - Top seal with hot melt to 75 cpm
  • 436T - Top seal with hot melt to 50 cpm
  • 30 - Top and bottom seal with hot melt to 50 cpm
  • 30T - Top and bottom seal with tape to 50 cpm
  • 236 - Seal with hot melt to 25 cpm
  • 236T - Seal with tape to 25 cpm
  • 121 - Slit tabs/seal tablock cases with tape or hot melt to 50 cpm

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