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Unpackers for glass or plastic containers

Whether you receive your bottles necks up or necks down, A-B-C has machines to unload them gently and efficiently.

Necks Up Unpackers
Achieve quick and gentle bottle unloading from reshipper cases with robotic technology that gently grips and lifts bottles from cases and places them on the takeaway conveyor. Synchronized operation keeps containers under complete control during uncasing to maintain optimum container quality and integrity.

Models available:

  • 101U - Gentle unpacking under complete control
  • 360 - Unpacking and packing, simultaneously, in one compact machine

Necks Down Unpackers
These versatile decasers do the work of three machines, flap opening, decasing, and bottle single filing - in continuous, mechanical, high speed operation. With over 60 years of proven production in the wine and distilled spirits industries, these machines are a solid investment for any reshipper case operation.

Models available:

  • 49 - Tall glass and plastic bottles to 70 cpm
  • 156 - Round, oval, and irregular bottles, glass or plastic to 50 cpm

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