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Gentle handling to protect your package integrity is the hallmark of A-B-C packers. We build carton and tray packers with stainless steel accumulation chambers to guard package graphics, and no-drop bottle packers that prevent label damage. With quality features to ensure securely sealed cases and trays, A-B-C packers help safeguard your products to their final destination.

Pick and place packers
Achieve gentle, no-drop packing of all container styles with a pick and place packer. With smooth robotic packing action, this machine ensures maximum bottle stability when packing lightweight plastic containers, protects glass integrity when packing bottles or jars, and provides no-impact handling of heavy containers.

Models available:

  • 101 - gentle packing under complete control

Semi-automatic packers
Reduce your labor costs and liability and increase production with A-B-C semi-automatic case packers. They can reduce your hand packing operation to just one operator, providing an economical upgrade that is easily justified in reduced labor costs. They automatically lane, accumulate and pack products–the operator simply supplies the cases as needed. A great case packing solution for low speed lines offering economy, flexibility and reliability.

Models available:

  • 19 - Standard packer for rigid or semi-rigid containers, cartons, tubes, single or multipacks
  • 29 - Packer for larger cases

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