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PowerDry™ System

Originally designed for date coding applications, the PowerDry™ System sets the standard for a complete power drying & blow off Air System that can be used for drying and blow off for a wide variety of cans, bottles, jars & pouches.

These PowerDry Systems are pre-configured dryer systems that include:

  • XT-300 Blower
  • Air Delivery manifold of polypropylene
  • Inline: six nozzles that focus air on the upper surface of the product
  • Spyder: Four flexible “spyder” arms are added to the Inline manifold. The spyder arms direct air to achieve blow off and drying of tops, sides and under the rim.
  • 304 stainless steel manifold is available in both Inline and Spyder configurations
  • Polypropylene Blower Enclosure
  • Mounting arm, 304 stainless steel
  • Provides consistently dryer surface suitable for date coding
  • Saves up to 80% of total energy consumption, as compared to compressed air systems
  • Return on investment is often less than one year
  • Delivers moisture & debris removal for the tops & sides of bottles & cans
  • Eliminates contamination due to oils, moisture & scale that may be present in compressed air
  • Adjusts easily for quick product & container size changes
  • Speeds conveyor lines up to 50% while reducing loss rates
  • Adapts to any conveyor with line speeds up to 500 cans or bottles per minute
  • Eliminates water spots and other moisture related issues
  • Offers washdown capabilities

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