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Stickpack Packaging Machine

The compact, modular, and robust Inever BY300 multilane stickpack machine is ideal for low-to-medium production of quality stickpack seals with minimal investment required. Output ranges from 150 stickpacks per minute for a three-lane operation to 350 per minute with seven lanes. Widths range from 1.8 inches for a three-lane operation to 0.67 inches for seven lanes. Lengths range from 1.18 inches to 8 inches. The BY300 can also be specified with inkjet or thermal printing and embossed coding for variable data.

The SP600 machine forms, fills and seals high quality three side seal stickpacks. Based on a closed main frame driven by servo motors engines, this model can have all elements including the reel inside the cabinet, what generates positive air pressure by not allowing entry dustIt is capable of producing sticks from 15mm and 15 lanes to 45mm and 6 lanes.

The BY300 and SP600 are suitable for powders, granulates, liquids and pasty products for cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

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