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Magnetic Separation Equipment

Magnetic Separation Equipment

Magnetic Product Inc. magnetic separators are designed and build for maximum magnetic separation of metal contaminants, ranging from fine ferrous particles to large pieces of tramp iron. Used in a variety of industries to keep product clean and prevent damage to processing equipment, MPI provides magnetic separators in quick-clean and self-clean designs as well as with ceramic, rare earth or hybrid magnetic material.

Southwest Equipment Group Is Now Facilitating Magnet Audits Exclusively in Southern California, Arizona, & New Mexico!

Our priority is ensuring the quality and continued customer satisfaction with all of our magnetic separators. To do so, we offer free magnet audits to not only our customers, but to anyone with a magnetic separator! Each audit is an opportunity for us to educate our customers on proper care, maintenance and offer suggestions for improvement in effectively capturing all tramp metals.

  • Ensures that equipment is working properly and meets application requirements
  • Validates that magnets have effective pull, are properly located and are cleaned correctly
  • Evaluates company HACCP plan and if all magnets are meeting quality assurance standards

Each audit is conducted by an MPI Certified Magnet Auditor who will work with customers to develop an audit plan and determine priorities. During the audit, the auditor will physically inspect and measure the effective strength of each magnetic separator in the plant. The auditor will also identify and photograph all the equipment during inspection. Once the fieldwork is completed, a comprehensive report that includes an overview of findings and evaluation of equipment will be provided to the customer. MPI magnet audits are a great resource to serve as HACCP documentation as well as meet plant requirements for QA standards.

FSMA Compliance and Documentation: The Free and Easy way with MPI’s Magnet Audit

Now with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) taking effect, there has never been a better time to take advantage of this service. FSMA regulations are cumbersome, tedious, and time consuming.

Here is a list of procedures required by FSMA, and how MPI’s magnet audit can help:

FSMA Sec 103 Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls Procedure:

  1. Hazard Analysis
    Prior to your audit, evaluate what metal hazards could potentially contaminate your product. These hazards are required to be documented by the FSMA. Supply a list of these hazards to MPI, and we will include them in your audit.
  2. 2.Preventative Controls
    During the audit, MPI will evaluate your process and review your preventative metal control equipment, including critical control points, and help you determine if your metal control equipment is sufficient to significantly minimize / prevent these hazards.
  3. Monitoring Effectiveness
    The most effective way to monitor the effectiveness of your magnets is by conducting pull test to determine their strength. MPI will perform a pull test on every magnet in your facility.
  4. Verification
    MPI will verify your existing preventative controls are correct for the application in which they are installed. A trained magnet expert will ensure your magnets can effectively minimize / prevent the occurrence of your identified metal hazards.
  5. Documentation
    The magnet systems audit report will serve as documentation to demonstrate your facility has identified potential hazards, implemented preventative controls for these hazards, and is monitoring the preventative controls to ensure they are effective. Your facility should maintain this document for no less than two (2) years.

Many of our customers are ahead of the curve, and the documentation we provide with our audit serves as their proof. However, many customers would like a trained metal control expert to give them some direction. MPI will work with you to develop a plan to remedy any metal control systems that need improvement. All magnets identified as candidates for improvement will include recommended actions on our report.

Here’s how these recommendations can help you ensure compliance with the FSMA:

FSMA Sec. 102 Registration of Food Facilities:

1.Corrective Plan:
(Sec. 102, Pg. 124, STAT. 3888, (3)) – “The secretary shall require the registrant to submit a corrective action plan to demonstrate how the registrant plans to correct the conditions found by the secretary.”
If an inspector finds fault with any of your magnets, use MPI’s “Recommended Actions” to help determine your corrective action plan.

MPI offers free magnet audits at customer facilities.

Magnet Audit

To ensure magnetic separators meet the standards and requirements of our industry and customer base, MPI offers free magnet audits at customer facilities. Audits are conducted by MPI specialists who are specifically trained at appraisal, function and viability of magnetic equipment. MPI audits serve as HACCP documentation as well as meet plant requirements for QA standards.

Prior to visiting the facility, MPI auditors will work with plant employees to develop an audit plan and determine priorities. During the audit, the specialist will physically inspect and measure the effective strength of each magnetic separator in the plant. The auditor will also identify and photograph the equipment. Shortly after the fieldwork is completed, a written report is presented to the customer. The report includes an overview of findings, an evaluation of equipment, and a detailed inspection report. Equipment photographs are used as reference points. The findings are presented formally to plant QA personnel to determine if actions are required.


  1. Ensures equipment:
    1. Works properly
    2. Meets application requirements
  2. Ensures magnets:
    1. Have effective pull
    2. Are in proper location
    3. Are cleaned correctly
  3. Ensures tramp metal:
    1. Is effectively trapped
  4. Ensures company:
    1. Possesses HACCP documentation
    2. Meets QA standards

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