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Mixers and Blenders

Marion Process Solutions is a global leader in mixing and blending technologies. Our equipment is recognized for reliability and performance, second to none. We custom design and manufacture integrated solutions for batch and continuous processing systems.

Each system has its own unique set of operating characteristics for optimum performance.  We offer these benefits:

Custom designed, built, assembled and tested systems:

  • Supply – mechanical, pneumatic, gravity, hand-held
  • Storage – day bin, supersack, agitated hopper, metering hopper
  • Controls – volumetric, loss-in-weight, gain-in-weight
  • Metering – feeders, pumps, load cells, hand-adds
  • Mixing – paddle, ribbon, hybrid, choppers
  • Discharge – surge hopper, mechanical, pneumatic, gravity
  • Support structure – OSHA-compliant stairs, railing and decking
  • Dust control

Custom Design

Complete systems may include mixing, weighing, batching, storage, electronic controls and more.  Other system packages may include conveyors, dust control, bin discharge systems, feeders, pumps, storage bins, hoppers and mezzanines. We handle a wide variety of applications and utilize the best available technology to achieve our customer’s processing needs. For example:

Batch or Continous Mixing Towers

The system shown above was designed as a hybrid semi-continuous system.  Materials are supplied on a continuous basis but are processed in batch mode for greater process control. Surge hoppers hold material from a continuous upstream process or in-feed system to allow rapid batch mixing without lengthy material handling downtime.

Tight Control is achieved through these steps:

  • Materials are contained in a silo(s)
  • Sent to pre-weigh bins
  • Fed into the mixer(s)
  • Discharged to a surge hopper
  • Sent to packaging

You can also use multiple batch mixers that are sequenced to handle the continuous flow as well.

Question about the products we carry?

We'd be happy to discuss solutions for your project's requirements.