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Tension Turnaround Unit

Tension Turnaround Unit

The Tensioning Turnaround Unit allows for control of tension on the cable and discs being pulled throughout the system. Options include open bottoms, hinged lids and adapters for water and soap hook-ups.

Pneumatic Tensioning Device
Pneumatic tensioning devices are used for managing cable tension. This is essential to the overall function, dependability, longevity, and power of Cablevey’s tubular cable and disc drag conveyor systems. If tension setting is too low, the cable can become disengaged from sprocket causing a malfunction in the system. If cable tension becomes too high, excess friction can cause greater wear, energy usage and other problems with your system.

5 Reasons to Use a Pneumatic Tensioning Device
Cablevey Conveyors has improved methods for managing cable tension. Improvements make it easier to control tension more accurately. This is accomplished by replacing the stainless steel springs with a pneumatic cylinder that proved the same, accurate cable tension over its entire rage of travel.

Other advantages of a pneumatic tensioning device include:

  • Automatic Settings
    A low tension sensor alerts you visually if the cable tension is too loose and triggers an automatic shutdown of the system.
  • Adjustable
    Allows consumer to control pressure at the machine and adjust it for different products or production and sanitation when they might need more tension to run cleaning devices.
  • Easy To Use
    The operator is able to set tension simply by turning a knob while looking at the pressure gauge. There is a lot less complexity to controlling the tension.
  • Less Maintenance
    With the ability to control cable tension more accurately and specifically, conveyor performance will increase while maintenance decreases.
  • Constant Tension
    A pneumatic piston that provides constant tension over the full range of travel.

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