Rotary Air Locks

Rotary Air Locks

Coperion K-Tron Aerolock™ rotary valves are backed by more than 50 years of experience-tested airlock design and application.
We are continually upgrading and refining our airlocks, which now include more than 160 models and sizes. This broad scope and variety of Aerolock sizes and models enables Coperion K-Tron to provide the most appropriate airlocks and rotary valves for applications in the milling and baking, food, pharmaceutical, plastics and chemical process industries.

Each Aerolock rotary valve is handbuilt to exacting tolerances and is performance tested. If an Aerolock rotary valve fails the performance test, even by the smallest of margins, we don’t ship it.

Aerolock Airlock Rotary Valve materials of construction and coatings
Aerolocks are available in round or square inlet/outlet configurations providing 80 mm through 500 mm [3 in through 20 in] openings. Displacements range from 0.25 to 230 dm3 / Rev [0.009 to 8.12 ft3 / Rev]. Selecting the right size at the correct speed can yield any throughput desired up to over 100 tons per hour.

Airlock rotary valve accessories
A complete line of accessories is available for Coperion K-Tron Aerolocks: outlet adapters, maintenance slide gates, sight glasses, outlet guards, surge hoppers, floor support stands, and flanged transitions. We are also happy to make custom Aerolock transitions to your specifications, allowing an easy fit into your process.



ZRD Rotary Valve – Rotary Airlock
For Hygienic Applications

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