Benefiting from more than six decades of powder handling experience, Frewitt Milling and Powder Handling Solutions is one of the world’s leading dry mill manufacturers. Frewitt develops and manufactures milling and sizing equipment for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and fine chemical industries. Our areas of expertise include; crushing, milling, sieving, homogenization, deagglomeration and handling of all kinds of powders. In addition to the actual sizing itself, the machines can be used to change the grain size distribution, grain surface or density as well as to improve mixing properties. Frewitt’s robust designs are engineered with longevity, ease of use, and cleanability in mind.

Frewitt Milling and Powder Handling Solutions strives to maintain a close working relationship with our customers which serves as the basis for continuous development and improvement of our products and services. We will proudly share our expertise and experience with customers so that the solution we recommend is based on each customer’s specific feed material and end product requirements. Our product line includes:

  • Hammer Mills, Oscillating Mills, Conical Sieve Mills, Rotary Sifters, Safety Screening, Crushers, Lump Breakers.
  • Highly Contained Units and Pressure Shock resistant Hammer Mills for sensitive applications.
  • Modular Systems which offer the cost and space saving benefits of interchangeable multiple milling heads from one drive unit.
  • Continuous liners, positive sealing bag clamping mechanisms and Engineered Systems.

Frewitt Milling and Powder Handling Solutions range from simple stand-alone units up to complete engineering and commissioning of entire plants. Whether you are a producer of pharmaceutical, food, or fine chemical products; Frewitt is your partner for all process engineering needs related to the preparation, transport, dosing, weighing, and handling of powders and granulates. Frewitt ensures every customer can take advantage of our established expertise in the areas of process engineering, precision dosing, and dealing with all OEB/OEL levels. With Frewitt, you are choosing a partner with a reputation for dependability, innovation, quality and proven solutions.


EASYMILL range, a system bringing modularity, simplicity and costs savings.


FlexMill-Lab, a revolutionary, modular, milling solution for R&D and analytical laboratories in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, fine chemical and food industries. The 6th and latest addition to our FlexMill-Lab, the NanoWitt high performance bead mill, brings another dimension to particle size reduction, enabling wet nano milling down to 50 nanometers


The ProFi-Clean 90 is a compact
de-dusting and filtering device with an automatic blow-back system. It allows the filtering and separation of powder particles in the extracted air.


The lump crusher is suitable for crushing large, hard, and amorphous lumps of product.

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