Munson Machinery

Founded in 1823, Munson Machinery Company, Inc. is one of the oldest continuously operated businesses in New York State. The formula for its continued success is an unwavering commitment to quality and service, and as a result, to long lasting customer relationships.

The company was founded on the philosophy that customers demand quality equipment engineered to specification and provided at a competitive price. MUNSON® has never compromised on this principle, and is respected as an industry leader in solving the most difficult mixing, blending and size reduction problems encountered by customers through most of two centuries, continuously improving equipment performance to a level unmatched by any comparable manufacturer worldwide.


The shear of a knife cutter, plus the impact of a Hammer Mill at high speeds, for the ultimate in size reduction versatility
Reduces friable, semi-friable, fibrous, semi-hard and hard materials into controlled particle sizes at high rates with minimum fines.

Hammer Mill

Reduce a broad range of materials into particle sizes from coarse to fine — efficiently, at high rates
Munson’s HammerHead™ Hammer Mills reduce an exceptionally wide range of friable, non-friable and fibrous materials into particle sizes from coarse pieces down to 200 mesh, determined by friability of the material.

Mixers and Blenders

Slash capital and operational costs when blending long runs of dry bulk solids with or without liquid additions, quickly, uniformly and gently. The MUNSON® Rotary Continuous Mixer cuts labor and operational costs dramatically when mixing dry bulk solids, with or without liquid additions, in-line over long product runs. Delivers uniform blends — typically in one to two minutes residence time — gently and with low energy use.

Pin Mill

Munson’s Pin Mill, or “Centrifugal Impact Mill,” reduces bulk materials, grinds friable materials, reduce flakes and de-lump agglomerates into narrow particle size ranges without the need for screens, hammers, knives or rolls.
 Ideal for a broad range of food, chemical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, mineral and agricultural products — including pulverizing of insects, eggs and larvae in flour applications — in tight size ranges from coarse to 400 mesh.


A MUNSON® Vee Cone Blender is comprised of two inclined cylinders that rotate, causing bulk material to fall and converge during half of the rotation, and divide during the other half. This mixing action requires significantly less horsepower/kilowatts than ribbon blenders and other agitated machines.


MUNSON® Ribbon, Paddle and Plow Blenders feature stationary U-shaped vessels with flat cover sections on top and a discharge valve on the bottom, and a single, horizontally-oriented shaft rotating on external bearings, with radial arms supporting ribbon, paddle or plow agitator elements, each of which offers distinct benefits across a diverse range of applications.

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