The shear of a knife cutter, plus the impact of a Hammer Mill at high speeds, for the ultimate in size reduction versatility.

Reduces friable, semi-friable, fibrous, semi-hard and hard materials into controlled particle sizes at high rates with minimum fines.

  • Performs like a knife cutter but handles a greater diversity of materials and retains sharpness far longer
  • At medium to high speeds it additionally impacts material similar to a hammer mill, but adds the flexibility of variable RPM for greater control of particle sizes
  • Rotor speed adjustable from 30 to 3600 RPM to achieve desired particle sizes and throughput
  • Rapid throughput, minimum fines, controlled sizing
  • Industrial and food-grade materials and finishes
  • Replaceable tungsten carbide, tool steel or hardened stainless steel inserts
  • 10 to 72 in. (254 to 1829 mm) wide feed throats
  • Ultra-high-capacity Magnum Cutters and laboratory-size Mini Cutters also available

The MUNSON® SCC™ Screen Classifying Cutter is highly effective at reducing friable to hard and fibrous materials into controlled particle sizes down to 20 mesh or less with minimal fines or heat generation — at high rates.

Typical applications span a broad range of chemicals, spices/herbs, minerals, fiberglass, plastics, foods and other materials/scrap in industrial and sanitary applications.

The cutter’s 11 in. (279 mm) wide infeed throat houses a 10.5 in. (267 mm) diameter solid-mass rotor comprised of “interconnected parallelograms” each of which holds two, half-inch wide (12.7 mm wide) cutter tips that shear materials against twin, stationary bed knives at lower rotor speeds, and additionally impart high impact at higher RPM.

The parallelograms and cutter tips, with no frontal gaps between blades, are arranged in staggered helical arrays, which distribute material evenly across the length of the chamber. This utilizes the full bed screen area efficiently and ensures that all cutter tips and bed knives are subjected to uniform wear for the greatest longevity and lowest maintenance cost.

The hardened bed knives can be flipped to utilize both cutting edges, and can be machine resharpened multiple times, greatly extending service life.

Like a knife cutter, the SCC cutter yields controlled particle sizes at low to high speeds, but provides the added benefits of handling a greater diversity of materials. In addition, it retains sharpness far longer, making it more effective than other designs for reducing abrasive materials.

At medium to high speeds it additionally impacts material similar to a Hammer Mill, but at variable RPM for greater versatility and with greater control of particle sizes.

In either case, materials are continuously reduced until particles pass through round bed screen perforations from 1/32 to 2 in. (0.79 to 51 mm) in diameter, or square perforations from 1 to 6 in. (25 to 152 mm), yielding uniform particle sizes.

The cutter tips, which are secured with machine screws for rapid replacement, are supplied with tungsten carbide tips as standard, and in various types of stainless steel and tool steel as options.

Material is fed manually through an infeed chute, which is equipped with rubber baffles to prevent flash back and dusting. Discharge is primarily via pneumatic pick up, with gravity discharge possible in select applications.

The agitator shaft is supported by flange block bearings with mechanical face seals as standard. Optional externally-mounted stand-off bearings are available with air-purged packing gland seals, or block seals of Teflon or UHMW polyethylene, including split designs for sanitary applications and for ease of maintenance.


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