Vee Cone Blenders

Vee Cone Blenders

A MUNSON® Vee Cone Blender is comprised of two inclined cylinders that rotate, causing bulk material to fall and converge during half of the rotation, and divide during the other half. This mixing action requires significantly less horsepower/kilowatts than ribbon blenders and other agitated machines.

Mix dry and granular bulk materials, including liquid additions, in 5 to 15 minutes. Gentler and easier to sanitize than agitated machines.

Smooth internal surfaces, with no internal baffles, shafts or bearings, allow unobstructed material flow, as well as complete discharge through a gate valve. The absence of residual material, together with easy access to internal surfaces through the discharge valve and doors at the ends of the inclined cylinders, allows thorough sanitizing in minutes, preventing cross-contamination between changeovers.

Uniform blends are typically achieved in 5 to 15 minutes with equal efficiency at fill volumes from 100% to 25% of rated capacity, depending on material.

Suitable for dry and granular materials, MUNSON Vee Cone Blenders provide a tumbling action that is gentler than agitated machines in which blades, paddles or plows are forced through stationary material.

Since the gentle action of a MUNSON Vee Cone Blender may be insufficient to break down soft agglomerates, an intensifier bar can be utilized to impart the shear needed to reduce these materials.

A MUNSON Vee Cone Blender can also be equipped with a Liquid Dispersion Intensifier Bar positioned within the mixing chamber to distribute liquids throughout the batch more thoroughly and rapidly, reducing cycle times.

The ultimate in simplicity and cleanability, these blenders are widely used in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, chemical, plastics, ceramics and powder metal industries.

Models are available with useable capacities from 1 cup (0.24 liters) to more than 200 cu ft (5663 liters), to USDA, pharmaceutical, and other sanitary or industrial standards.


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