Dynaflow Drag Chain Conveyors

Dynaflow Drag Chain Conveyors

The Dynaflow Tubular Drag Chain Conveyor is a mechanical drag conveyor system operating within the confines of a pipe. We call it the Problem Solver in a Pipe!

Spiroflow’s Chainflow tubular drag chain conveyors are the newest mechanical conveying option in our extensive line of mechanical conveyors designed for the dry bulk solids and powder processing industry. The hygienic, heavy-duty, totally enclosed, dust-free Chainflow tubular drag conveyor economically conveys dry, hot (up to 180°F/82°C) or cold, powders and granules, particularly fragile materials such as cereals, nuts, coffee beans, food ingredients, pet food, animal feed, and a wide variety of chemicals and plastics. Processors can easily convey or batch ingredients with crevice free material contact chain with flexibility in layout options. They successfully convey any number of non-cohesive dry powders and granules.


Heavy-duty conveying of high loads 24/7/365

Maximum layout versatility with multiple inlets, multiple outlets & complex 3-plane circuits

Minimize material breakage & maintain consistent mixtures with gentle handling

Maintain dust and contamination-free handling via the totally enclosed conveyor design

Maximize chain, disc & tube life and minimize operator maintenance with built-in automatic chain tensioning



Dynaflow Tubular Chain Drag Conveyor Moves Chemical Prills

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