T3 Loss-in-weight Bulk Bag Unloader

T3 Loss-in-weight Bulk Bag Unloader

Processors around the world handle dry bulk powders and ingredients in bulk bags. At Spiroflow, we specialize in high containment bulk bag unloading and filling systems – offering the most comprehensive range of standard and custom bulk bag unloading equipment in the business.

Our T3 loss-in-weight bulk bag unloader allows you total control over the amount of product you wish to dispense from the bag. This can be varied for individually selected batch amounts, or fully interfaced with your plant process control for continuous batch production.

The T3 loss-in-weight bulk bag unloader incorporates all the proven features of our Universal T2 model, but the bag support dish is mounted on four load cells. This enables highly accurate weighing of your product as it is discharged from the bag. If necessary, the integral transfer conveyor can also be suspended from the weigh frame as shown opposite, to provide a totally self-contained discharge and loss-in-weight dispensing unit.



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