METTLER TOLEDO provides product inspection solutions that ensure product quality, increase productivity, boost profits and protect your brand. Our full range of systems deliver unmatched inspection capability on all types of bulk and packaged products for environments ranging from dry to harsh wash-down. Systems range from very basic and economical systems to sophisticated, state-of-the-art systems with customized material handling solutions.

Depending on your specific requirements, our systems can detect physical contaminants, verify product weights, ensure accuracy and integrity of packaging and labels, confirm component content, inspect closures, and measure fill levels.



Hi-Speed is METTLER TOLEDO’s checkweighing brand providing a wide range of dynamic weighing systems. Our systems provide 100% quality control, minimize costly giveaway, and protects consumers and your brand reputation.


Safeline is METTLER TOLEDO’s metal detection brand providing inspection solutions to remove unwanted metal contaminants from products in the food and pharmaceutical segments. Metal detection supports all major retailer codes of practice and international food safety standards including BRC, IFS, SQF and FSSC.


CI-Vision’s powerful turnkey solutions are easy to use and integrate into existing production lines of label and packaging manufacturers across food, medical, personal care, and household chemical industries. Each product is inspected leading to faster, more reliable detection of product defects.


Safeline is METTLER TOLEDO’s X-ray Inspection brand providing solutions to remove unwanted contamination including metal, glass, mineral stone, calcified bone, and dense plastics from all product types in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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