Leading the Way
Kason’s worldwide compliance with the most stringent safety, quality and sanitary standards and regulations, as well as our nearly 50 years of innovative design and vast process experience makes Kason the leader in the manufacturing of screening and processing equipment. Whether your application is simple or complex, low or high capacity, sanitary or industrial, you will find the specialized equipment and the application expertise you need for top performance at Kason.

Unparalleled Commitment
Kason is dedicated to solving the toughest screening, drying and cooling problems while holding quality, safety and reliability paramount. It is this focused approach that sets Kason apart from the competition. We strive to consistently deliver products that meet and often exceed customer expectations with regard to performance, dependability, ease of maintenance, price and delivery.

Global Reach
With offices spanning four continents and an expanding global network of representatives, we are well positioned to continue to serve our worldwide customer base covering a range of industries including food, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastic, energy, minerals, aerospace and defense.

VIBROSCREEN® Circular Vibratory Screeners and Separators

Kason Vibroscreen® circular vibratory screeners (also called separators and sieves) separate bulk solid materials from solids and slurries using multi-plane, inertial vibration that causes particles to pass through apertures in the screen or to travel across the screen surface in controlled pathways.

VIBRO-BED Fluid Bed Batch Dryers, Coolers, and Agglomerators

VIBRO-BED fluid bed batch dryers, coolers, and agglomerators, which can be customized to your specific processing requirements. Standard contact surfaces are in 304 stainless steel but are available for manufacture in 316 stainless steel or higher grades as required. Optional features include explosion-proof electricals and clean-in-place (CIP) spray heads. Each model features a choice of fluid bed air distributor, plus an adjustable weir to control the bed depth.

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